7 Sequences that improve the performance of your company!

Historically there has been a separation of the two disciplines of Risk Management and Organizational Development; little did they intersect except to participate in budget and asset allocation discussions.In the last 20 years there has been the evolution of Safety Teams, Process and, Incentives that have emerged in the Workers Compensation arena as a result of losses and awards. These Workers Compensation management systems have effectively used organizational change mechanisms to incorporate safety as a part of a company’s culture.

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Organizational Development has always been linked to achieving superior performance as a company. This superior performance has been quantified as balance sheet performance and customer satisfaction but never bridged to Risk Management. As a result of over 20 years in both environments the link is now complete with the 7 Sequences model. 

7 Sequences is a result of organizational work and generational transitions in which the correlation between established business processes to risk performance is quantified.

Find the right People  

Create the proper Leadership

Provide a vision for those individuals involved

Clarify their roles

Establish effective and efficient systems

Create a favorable, reciprocal community

Build equity that will create a sustainable business enterprise

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