Gossard and Associates – Assisting Oregon Businesses for 30 years

Gossard and Associates has been serving Oregon business for over 30 years. We understand the issues that business face in today’s marketplace and focus on providing our members with services that are based on controlling and reducing their costs.

We know that people are our members greatest asset. As a result Gossard and Associates provides employee coaching, recruiting, training and leadership development.

What is unique about our association is that we know well run companies become excellent insurance risks. When Gossard and Associates began meeting employers needs for training and leadership development we realized that as our clients implemented our principles workers compensation costs dropped.

Gossard and Associates uses a focused program of claims management in concert with its partner SAIF Corp. We also provide you with an Experience Mod Worksheet projecting the impact of future loses. These are part of a successful strategy in managing the group discount.

Gossard and Associates has also established a health trust, wellness plans, succession planning, and investigation services that provide additional value to our members.

Gossard and Associates can take your company to the next level of its development and reduce its risks cost st the same time.

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