Gossard and Associates – Assisting Oregon Businesses for 30 years

Gossard and Associates has been serving Oregon business for over 30 years. We understand the issues that business face in today’s marketplace and focus on providing our members with services that are based on controlling and reducing their costs.

We know that people are our members greatest asset. As a result Gossard and Associates provides employee coaching, recruiting, training and leadership development.

What is unique about our association is that we know well run companies become excellent insurance risks. When Gossard and Associates began meeting employers needs for training and leadership development we realized that as our clients implemented our principles workers compensation costs dropped.

Gossard and Associates uses a focused program of claims management in concert with its partner SAIF Corp. We also provide you with an Experience Mod Worksheet projecting the impact of future loses. These are part of a successful strategy in managing the group discount.

Gossard and Associates has also established a health trust, wellness plans, succession planning, and investigation services that provide additional value to our members.

Gossard and Associates can take your company to the next level of its development and reduce its risks cost st the same time.

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Gossard and Associates understands the complex nature of human resources.

FMLA, BOLI, HRA’s – The laws are vast and continually changing. Today’s HR professional must stay on top of the most current regulation. Having clear communication with employees concerning their compliance with these laws is vitally important as well. Gossard and Associates offers training options designed to “train the trainer” or in house training for employees. Gossard and Associates’s experienced staff can be your HR extension to navigate compliance, recruiting, interviewing, employment agreements or any other HR related issue.


Examples of the areas that Gossard and Associates provides training are:

  • Accident Investigation
  • Sexual Discrimination
  • Interview Techniques
  • Communication Skills
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning

We offer both stand-alone and corporate specific training regimens.

Gossard and Associates is here to answer your human resource questions.


Our focus is on how we may help improve your company’s performance in your organizational culture and reduce your risk exposures. Call us today at 541.343.2910 or by email at info@gossardandassociates.com



Gossard and Associates Health Trust

Gossard and Associates has created a program that takes advantage of recent changes in the Tax Laws and provides critical services to help clients begin to manage Health Costs.

Gossard and Associates brings experience and expertise to your organization to create a Health Plan that has the following critical outcomes:

  • The transformation of turning your Employee into a Health Consumer rather than a Health Partaker;
  • The implementation of a program for them to stay and grow as a Health Consumer;
  • The long-term management of your Health, as a Corporate Entity with the first step of understanding what your Corporate Health is;
  • The added benefit of improving Corporate Health and Individual Financial Capacity to manage health.

Prevent is Gossard and Associates’s exclusive wellness program in which we provide a comprehensive assessment to effectively manage your health risks both individually and corporately.


7 Sequences that improve the performance of your company!

Historically there has been a separation of the two disciplines of Risk Management and Organizational Development; little did they intersect except to participate in budget and asset allocation discussions.In the last 20 years there has been the evolution of Safety Teams, Process and, Incentives that have emerged in the Workers Compensation arena as a result of losses and awards. These Workers Compensation management systems have effectively used organizational change mechanisms to incorporate safety as a part of a company’s culture.

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Organizational Development has always been linked to achieving superior performance as a company. This superior performance has been quantified as balance sheet performance and customer satisfaction but never bridged to Risk Management. As a result of over 20 years in both environments the link is now complete with the 7 Sequences model. 

7 Sequences is a result of organizational work and generational transitions in which the correlation between established business processes to risk performance is quantified.

Find the right People  

Create the proper Leadership

Provide a vision for those individuals involved

Clarify their roles

Establish effective and efficient systems

Create a favorable, reciprocal community

Build equity that will create a sustainable business enterprise